On November 6th, Vince met with Congressman John Conyers, the oldest US Congressman in Michigan.  

Vince was honored to spend time with Congressman Conyers.  Recently, he received a copy of a letter sent to Magna International of America, Inc. by the congressman.  In it, he expressed his support for AMI Manchester and "expansion of manufacturing jobs for all Michigan citizens."

The letter went on to "commend Magna International for developing a valued relationship with an important minority owner of outstanding innovative leadership."

Thank you Congressman Conyers for your support.

View Congressman Conyers Letter

In addition to Congressman Conyers, Senators Johnson and Kowall "are excited about AMI's efforts to expand" in Michigan and "are encouraged by the developing partnership with Magna International of America, Inc."  In their letter to Mr. Walker, the CEO of Magna International, they highlighted the "quality, delivery and value" traits of AMI.

Thank you Senators Bert Johnson and Mike Kowall for your support.

View Letter from State of Michigan signed by Senators Bert Johnson and Mike Kowall

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