..our people here are what really makes this company different..

- Chairman, President & CEO, Vincent Henderson -

Management Team The People Who Manage AMI

Vincent Henderson AMI Chairman, President & CEO

Vincent Henderson

Chairman, President & CEO
  • What makes AMI special?
  • What motivates him to come into work? and lastly,
  • If he could leave a message for the employees and co-workers, what would it be?
John Kampf, VP of Operations

Johnny Kampf

Vice President of Operations
Dennis Herman, VP of Sales and Engineering

Dennis Herman

Vice President of Sales & Engineering
Chris Bailey, Vice President of Purchasing & Customer Service

Chris Bailey

Vice President of Purchasing & Customer Service
Russ Hough, General Manager

Russ Hough

General Manager
Warren Hughes, Sr. Controller

Warren Hughes

Senior Controller
Sarah Corwin, Dir. of Quality

Sarah Corwin

Director of Quality
Bill Jacobs, Maintenance Manager

Bill Jacobs

Maintenance Manager
David Herman, Dir. of Engineering & Estimating

David Herman

Director of Engineering & Estimating
Bruce Jackowski, I.T. Manager

Bruce Jackowski

I.T. Manager
Sue Goodin, Director of Human Resources & Payroll

Sue Goodin

Director of Human Resources & Payroll